At this very moment, exciting things are happening at the MAKE studios, we are inventing and developing new products, researching cutting edge manufacturing processes and materials... designing elegant forms… engineering prototypes and bringing tomorrow's products to market today. We have competitive experience across the spectrum of consumer products, including Housewares, Hardware, Sports Equipment, Medical Equipment, and Toys. We work with top manufacturers to bring products to America's favorite retail venues, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kmart, and Target. Look for a MAKE designed product coming your way soon!


The product styling broke the conventional "black box" design approach ...
MAKE developed popular tumbler designs ...

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110V Air Compressor
prototyping Food Storage
110VAC Inflator
Color Play Tumblers
Sculptural Bird Feeders
12V Rechargable Inflator
Nest PlayLoft
Food Storage System
Galaxy in development
Miniature Digital Pressure Gauge
WordPlay Truck