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When Open House asked MAKE to design and fabricate 3 play lofts, space efficiency was a primary concern.
Meadow features a counter and shelves to support dress-up and role playing games. Meadow also has great views outdoors from the upper deck.
The Open House logo is integrated into the design so that it greets everyone who enters the classroom.

Each play loft references the brownstone townhouse character of the neighborhood where Open House resides.

River provides a computer station on a flowing desk at floor level. River provides a sense of privacy for the student while allowing complete visual access for the teachers.
Nest was designed for the youngest students and featured storage for nap mats under the 21" deck.
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110V Air Compressor
prototyping Food Storage
110VAC Inflator
Color Play Tumblers
Sculptural Bird Feeders
12V Rechargable Inflator
Nest PlayLoft
Food Storage System
Galaxy in development
Miniature Digital Pressure Gauge
WordPlay Truck