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  Home Depot changes everything
With the line becoming defined as 8 strong products and a deal Home Depot a new problem faced MAKE's client David.  
What do I call this????
What is my logo?
What kind of package do I make?
I have to make a display for Home Depot.

MAKE created an overall plan that focused on communicating the new product lines' most important attributes.

It installs permanently in seconds, over and over in corners made of almost anything, without harming them at all.


"Naming is the hardest part", observes Lundberg. "Picking something that is sticky on the brain, informative, agreeable to the client and doesn't box you in is a difficult task."


MAKE directed the entire identity program: naming, branding marks, design of the installation instructions, copy writing and translations, packaging and shipping carton design, product photography, and design of the display. Cornersmart has been a true demonstration of the breadth of MAKE's experience and talent in one convenient location.

The display and the packaging are doing the job you can literally see people cruising down the aisle on their way and stopping short after catching the message out of the corner of their eye.


The product is moving 50 SKU's per store per month - you don't have to know much about retail to know that is great.

MAKE does its best to help those sales happen.

MAKE did product demos for the Home Depot employees.

They also did video taped infomercials style workshops for Home Depot customers.

MAKE introduced David to Dick Wiess- CornerSmart National sales manager.

MAKE also designed and produced portable display corners for Dick's sales reps so they can demonstrate CornerSmart instant shelving with ease.

MAKE has recently designed p.o.p. packaging and display for 200 more Home Depot stores.



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