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In the beginning it was Jackie Chan, Spiderman and DARPA
MAKE has a unique structure of 4 collaborators with different specialties. It allows them to be an economical one stop turnkey product development source.

MAKE has the ability to do everything it takes to put your idea into your customers' hand.

Their recent experience developing the CornerSmart instant shelving product line demonstrates this very well.

Currently enjoying huge success in its pilot run for Home Dept by dramatically exceeding sales expectations.

CornerSmart began life as a spin off technology from a DARPA research project. The technology was inspired by the way Jackie Chan crawls up corners by pressing against both walls. One of the brainiacs on the Research team joked that this defense technology would make a dandy way to hang a shelf in the shower.

David Reinfeld agreed and visited MAKE with an engineering model that demonstrated this new technology that hangs in the corner as if by magic.

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